Tidy Tush Diaper Service LLC

Eco friendly, cute, perfect for your

little's loot!

Welcome to Tidy Tush Diaper Service

Tidy Tush is a locally owned and operated business committed to providing families with an alternative to disposable diapers, striving to reduce landfill waste one cloth diaper at a time.

I know the struggle that occur sometimes with cloth diapering your little ones. The bulk, the laundry, the stink, and the laundry! It is my goal to help you enjoy cloth diapering by looking for ways to make it easier on you, your family, and care providers one diaper at a time. Because, again, I want to reduce landfill waste, one diaper at a time.

I am located in Wasilla, Alaska, providing clients with the cloth diaper service north to Houston and Palmer, south to Eagle River, and all the communities between.

If you live outside of my service area, we can arrange swaps in town. If there is a will, there is a way!

If you are interested to see why using my cloth diaper service will work for you, call me for a free in home demonstration today.